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Email Security & Privacy

Protect your critical information.

The best security solutions for your business

app-river-certifiedOne of the most important facets of your IT service is its security, and your security is most threatened in your emails. That’s why Red Five IT uses SecureTide, an award winning email security system created by AppRiver. SecureTide filters out 99 percent of unwanted emails before they even make it to your system, which means you’re protected from viruses, SPAM, and other unwanted side effects that cause your system to slow. The service updates between 2,000 and 4,000 times a day to ensure that it can stop threats from even the newest spamming tricks, and rids both inbound and outbound messages from spam, viruses, and worms. SecureTide provides the same level of protection as a Fortune 500 company, and there’s no software or hardware required.  

Even the most advanced security system will sometimes block a valid email. So SecureTide allows users to safely release those messages through a daily Held Mail Report. This way, users can see 100 percent of the mail that has been held as spam or junk, and choose which message they need to release from the block.  

In the event of an emergency that causes your server to stop receiving emails, regardless of the cause, SecureTide will encrypt, store, and queue all of the mail you receive while your server is down. This ensures that as soon as your server is back up and running, you’ll have access to all the emails that would have gone through during the disaster.  

We also use AppRiver’s CipherPost to secure email end-to-end, ensuring that your business communications are safe through the most comprehensive and easiest to manage email encryption solution available.  

And if you need access to your email even when the server is down? Red Five also uses AppRiver’s Email Continuity Service, which means you can instantly log into your email via Outlook Web Access, view and respond to new messages, as well as messages from the last 30 days. Since this is designed as an always-on service, you don’t have to worry about activating it, it’s simply there when you need it.  

SecureTide is a very flexible service, and with a pay-per user system the service will grow as your company does. So, if you only have 20 employees right now, you only have to pay for 20 users, and as your enterprise expands, so too can your email protection.  

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Red Five works to make sure that your communications, and your system are as safe as possible, and we do this by implementing the most advanced, practical solutions on the market.  With Red Five you can rest assured that your business is secure.