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5 Advantages of using VoIP at your Business

By Red Five IT Services 8 years ago
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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the new, easier way to manage your business’ communication more efficiently and cost effectively. Instead of using the old analog phone line system to communicate via telephone, VoIP uses the internet. Since it’s practically impossible to run a business without internet, it’s a handy way of streamlining office and outside employee communication without having to spend extra money.

With VoIP, you no longer have call fees or long distance fees. Instead, you just pay for the internet use. Most experts agree that switching to VoIP can save your business up to 40% on on local calls, and more than double that on international calls. If that isn’t reason enough to switch, here’s an additional 5 advantages of VoIP that might just change your mind.

Easy to Install & Learn
While a lot of technology and new electronics out there today can be confusing and difficult to set up, VoIP is very user-friendly, and works to make your business run more smoothly with fewer communication issues. Setting up an IP phone is as simple as plugging it in. There’s no hardware, no software, just phones. And once you have a VoIP system, the adjustment period is short, since the technology itself is so user-friendly.

Easily Configurable
Whether your company’s business fluctuates based on seasons, or you’re planning to grow exponentially, a VoIP system can be configured to meet your company’s needs at any time. Phone lines are easily added, and if an employee leaves, you can just switch their line to another user, or remove it entirely. You’ll never have to pay for more lines than you need, and you’ll never be under-equipped.

Call Routing
Wherever you are, or wherever you might be, VoIP can be set up to dial all possible phones before sending the caller to voicemail. So if you have an office phone, a cell phone, and a home phone, VoIP can ring all of them at once, or one right after the other, depending on your preference. This means that employees on the road can answer calls out of the office, and anywhere they have an internet connection.

Extended Features
Beyond call routing, VoIP offers a tremendous amount of possibilities for phone calls. From three-way calling, to call waiting, to caller ID, the options are practically endless. The service itself is set up perfectly for conference calls, allowing you to mute individuals, ask questions, and check the status of call participants. As an additional feature, some VoIP services will even transcribe your voicemails to your email so you don’t have to remember names and numbers or frantically try to write them down. With VoIP you’ll have a highly functional, extremely practical phone service that comes at a lower price than standard phone lines.

Do not Disturb
This feature itself is worth its weight in gold. Now, when you have important business meetings, conferences, and lunches, you won’t have to worry about the office phone going off and disrupting the proceedings. Both your office phone and your cell phone can be set to “do not disturb,” ensuring that you’re not being rude to those in front of you, but also sending callers to voicemail, so potential customers aren’t ignored either.

While these are just a few of the many advantages of VoIP, it’s easy to see that it’s a great investment. It saves you time, money, and it boosts employee productivity, since they can be reached even when they’re out of the office. With VoIP you’ll only be paying bills for your internet, you can adjust how many lines you need almost immediately, and easily identify who is calling you when the phone rings. VoIP saves on distractions and on money.

If you have more questions regarding how VoIP works, or if you are trying to decide if the advantages of VoIP will work for your company, give Red Five IT a call at 1-877-890-RED5 (7335). We’d love to find the best solution for your company!

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