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How Managed IT Services Drive Growth for Small Businesses

By Red Five IT Services 7 years ago
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In previous blogs, we’ve talked about how managed IT services are a practical, money-saving option for many small businesses. And it’s true – IT services are the ideal way to get a team of experts on your side without having to pay a fortune. But what if we told you that IT services could actually drive small business growth?

If you already have an IT service provider, this probably isn’t a big surprise, but there are many businesses out there that don’t realize that managed IT does a lot more than solve frustrating tech problems: they set your business up for success as you continue to grow. When used effectively, a managed IT service provider offers many advantages that drive growth for your small business in the following ways:

Better client relations

Customers appreciate a company with decent technology, and more and more frequently, they’re coming to expect it. Doctors offices now have patients registering on iPads and restaurants allow you to make mobile reservations these days. There’s no question that in every sector of the market, consumers prefer a streamlined, easy to use, tech-friendly process. No matter what type of small business you have, an IT service provider can help you streamline these processes and ensure your clients’ information is retained with the highest level of security. And when your clients are satisfied with their experience at your small business, it helps you in more than one way. Not only do your existing clients confirm that you’re the one they want to do business with, but they tell their friends about your great service, which expands your client base and drives future growth.

Access to newer, updated technology

The old disadvantage of being a small business with an IT department was a lack of resources. Back before managed IT service providers got going, you were limited by what your very small IT department could handle, and the budget you had to spend on technology. With an IT service provider, you have access to all of the most updated technology out there, for one reasonable price. As an IT service provider, your provider has access to, and understands all of the latest technology, because that’s what they do.

By using an IT service provider, you have access to those updates and innovations by proxy. Not only does this streamline your own business operations, but it makes you look more professional, both to other companies and to consumers. With managed IT services, you have the ability to set up your company with the same level of technology as much bigger companies, without having to pay for the entire IT team.

Instant Scalability

If your IT infrastructure can’t keep up with your business’ growth, your business can suffer the consequences. Luckily, managed IT services solve that problem quickly and easily. You don’t have to worry about hiring more IT people to add on servers or handle additional programs, you just have to call up your IT service provider and tell them you’re expanding. A good managed IT provider offers the flexibility for you to scale both up and down depending on your business flow.

Best of all, requesting more attention from a managed IT service provider is almost always cheaper than it is to find, train, and ultimately hire a new employee all by yourself. And this way, you don’t have to worry about letting anyone go if business slows down in the next quarter either. At that point, you could just scale back your IT services until business picks back up again. IT services allow you to drive growth without any of the business risks.

Handle more Projects

Finally, a managed IT service provider is always there for you when your network needs to handle more projects. If your business is doing well, and you’re looking to take on more, you don’t have to worry about if your software or network can handle it. It’s your managed IT service provider’s job to ensure that you can, and take the necessary steps to get your network up to snuff. You’re free to grow your network as much as you need, so long as your managed IT service provider maintains reasonable rates for the increase in work.

If you’re looking to grow your small business but don’t have the IT support you need, a managed IT services provider might just be the best option for you! If you have questions about what that looks like, or how an IT service provider can tailor services to your specific needs, give Red Five IT a call! We’re here to answer any IT related questions you can throw at us, and we’d be happy to sit down with you to explain managed IT services a little further. For more information, give us a call at 1-877-890-7335, or contact us online today.

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